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Our Team

Rob's team of drivers have been excellent - kind and considerate and frequently going above and beyond just driving place to place.

Our drivers are the most important part of our business. They are employees of Your Driver is Here, not independent contractors like most of our competitors. We are very selective in hiring safe and skilled drivers that have a pleasant presentation.
  • All drivers have clean driving records and are monitored through New York State LENS program
  • Background checks and work references are required for all drivers
  • All drivers are screened for driving competence, appearance, and interactive skills
  • All drivers participate in an orientation program

Rob-HeadshotRob Anhouse

Rob is the owner of Your Driver is Here. For 27 years he was a road warrior in the NYC area as an outside sales rep in the medical device industry. In 2011, he started driving for a car service in his spare time and knew he could do it better so he started his own service.

Nelson Abreu

Nelson sold his business recently to spend more time with his family. He's a father of two teenage children and in addition to driving he referees local youth basketball games. "Nelson was polite, thoughtful, and a skilled navigator and driver. He facilitated our trip greatly."

John Galust

John has many years experience as a professional driver. He knows the area roadways inside and out and has a penchant for detail. "John picked us up at the best spot at the airport- it made it so much easier after a long trip home with the family. You guys always provide great service."

Alex Grapsas

Alex has an old world style and is very detail oriented. "Alex was a good driver and a gentlemen. It was a very pleasant experience".

Peter Grassi

Peter has been driving the New York area roads for years as a sales rep. He has a young family and loves to drive. "Thanks for providing Peter as a driver. He was patient and calm throughout and an excellent driver".

Denzer Johnson

Denzer is a driving enthusiast. He has been a sales rep in the New York area for many years and knows the roads. "Great service with Denzer! He knew best place to drop us and pick us up".

Junior Kadir

Junior works for Fedex during the week and helps us out on the weekends. He is detailed oriented and very easy to work with. "Junior gave us great service all day. He was very adaptable to a changing schedule. WIll definitely reach out to you again!"

John Milo

John is a native of Mamaroneck and served in the U.S. Army. "John navigated around a heavy traffic jam, enabling us to arrive in ample time for a surprise party. Please have John be our regular driver!"

Jim Pelka

Jim knows cars inside and out as he operated an auto repair shop specializing in high-end vehicles for most of his life, . "Jim was delightful and a very smooth driver - I actually fell asleep on the way home which I never do! Thanks for the great service."

Jesse Quinlan

Jesse is a new father and when not driving covers high school sporting events for local newspapers. "Jesse was excellent. He was very helpful with my mother and a very knowledgeable driver. I don't know how we would have gotten through that day without him."

Vincent Stevens

Vince has a lot of driving experience with all sizes of vehicles. He has worked in the transportation business for many years. "Vince was great! On time and organized. Would be happy to have him again".

Ed Yao

Ed has worked in college admissions and is currently seeking a career in law enforcement. He is professional and articulate. "Ed was a delight! Very professional and prompt - thanks for the great service".