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  • Terms of Service


    Service any trips, one-way or round trip, agreed upon by the Customer and Your Driver is Here, LLC, where a representative of Your Driver is Here, LLC (“Driver”) will pick up Customer and drive Customer, in his or her vehicle, to the agreed upon destination.
    • For one way trips (i.e.; airports), after drop-off Driver will return Customer’s vehicle to its location of origin
    • If contracted for return trip driver will retrieve car from location of origin and pick up Customer at the agreed upon destination and return Customer to the initial location.
      • Driver will maintain possession of Customer’s key or keys for the vehicle after returning the vehicle to its location of origin, unless another arrangement is agreed upon by Customer and Driver
    • For hourly trips, Driver will stay with the vehicle near the destination and wait for a call from the Customer for pick-up and transport to another destination or return to the initial location.
    Customer represents to Your Driver is Here, LLC that:
    • They are the rightful owner or lessee of the vehicle being transported
    • They are authorized to permit Your Driver Is Here LLC and its employees to drive the vehicle
    • The vehicle registration, license plates and inspection are current and documentation is in the vehicle
    • The vehicle is maintained in good working condition and in compliance with all laws and has no defects which may cause the vehicle to be unsafe;
    • The vehicle contains all required child restraints should Driver be transporting children
    • No contraband, substance or other item or items which are illegal are concealed or within the vehicle;
    • The vehicle has sufficient fuel to reach the destination(s), and to make return trips
    Expenses Customer agrees to pay Your Driver is Here, LLC for all expenses required to get Customer’s vehicle to its destination(s), in addition to the service charge, including:
    • Fuel costs and tolls required to get the vehicle to its destination and return trip. Parking fees if requested by the customer
    • Towing or other emergency roadside expenses resulting from mechanical failure
    Insurance: The customer's vehicle is currently insured and proof kept in the vehicle. with primary limits of Five Hundred Thousand and 00/100 ($500,000.00) Dollars per occurrence.
    • In the case where the driver is deemed contributory to any incident causing damage, Your Driver is Here, LLC will reimburse customer for any deductibles incurred.
    • Your Driver is Here, LLC has supplemental auto insurance under a hired-driver, non-owner policy for $500,000 per occurrence.