FAQ & Terms

FAQ & Terms

How does the automobile insurance work?

  • All drivers are insured through company auto insurance policy – see Terms of Service below for details

For airport trips, what happens after you drop us off at the curbside?

  • We take your car back to your home and park it where you instruct us to. Keys are either left at your home, car or neighbor, but we recommend you let us securely store them for your return trip.

How are tolls paid?

  • You are responsible for toll costs, which can be paid by your EZ Pass, by you during the trip, or by the driver and added it to your final invoice.

What about gas?

  • You are responsible for gas costs. We will remind you to have enough gas in your car for your trip and our drivers can stop for gas before, during, or after the trip if needed or you request it. The driver can lay out the money for gas if you are not in the car and that cost will be added to your final invoice.

Is there a minimum for hourly trips?

  • Yes – 3 hours of continuous service.  For any other arrangements, please speak directly with the owner.

Where does the driver go while waiting?

  • He will stay close to your location and you will have his cell number to call or text when you are ready to leave.

How does the gratuity work?

  • Gratuities are are not included in the prices listed

What if I need to make multiple stops?

  • You can make as many stops as you require for no additional fee.

What if we have a secure garage entrance or live in a gated community?

  • We can enter your garage or gated community in your absence if you give us the entry code information. Remember, all of our drivers are intensely screened, insured and bonded. You can also request the same driver for repeat uses.

What happens with plane delays or heavy traffic for airport trips?

  • We will factor in ample time for typical traffic issues and will monitor current traffic conditions, however extraordinary circumstances may require that we charge the hourly rate of $36 per hour for round trips to airports of more than 3 hours. Regarding plane delays, we will monitor departure and arrival times up to the time we leave your home. If the delay is announced after the driver is in route to the airport, than the hourly rate will apply for a round trip of more than 3 hours. If the plane is postponed to another date after the driver leaves your home for the airport, there will be a minimum charge of 1 hour or $36.

Who is responsible for a driving infraction or a parking ticket?

  • Your Driver is Here

What if I am using two different airports?

  • This is perfect for our service because your car is not in the wrong airport’s parking lot, it is at your home and will be picked up there by our driver and driven to the correct airport

What about traveling with pets?

  • No problem, it’s your car



Service any trips, one-way or round trip, agreed upon by the Customer and Your Driver is Here, LLC, where a representative of Your Driver is Here, LLC (“Driver”) will pick up Customer and drive Customer, in his or her vehicle, to the agreed upon destination.

  • For one way trips (i.e.; airports), after drop-off Driver will return Customer’s vehicle to its location of origin
  • If contracted for return trip driver will retrieve car from location of origin and pick up Customer at the agreed upon destination and return Customer to the initial location.
    • Driver will maintain possession of Customer’s key or keys for the vehicle after returning the vehicle to its location of origin, unless another arrangement is agreed upon by Customer and Driver
  • For hourly trips, Driver will stay with the vehicle near the destination and wait for a call from the Customer for pick-up and transport to another destination or return to the initial location.


Customer represents to Your Driver is Here, LLC that:

  • They are the rightful owner or lessee of the vehicle being transported
  • They are authorized to permit Your Driver Is Here LLC and its employees to drive the vehicle
  • The vehicle registration, license plates and inspection are current and documentation is in the vehicle
  • The vehicle is maintained in good working condition and in compliance with all laws and has no defects which may cause the vehicle to be unsafe;
  • The vehicle contains all required child restraints should Driver be transporting children
  • No contraband, substance or other item or items which are illegal are concealed or within the vehicle;



Customer agrees to pay Your Driver is Here, LLC all expenses required to get Customer’s vehicle to its destination(s), in addition to the service charge, including:

  • Fuel costs and tolls required to get the vehicle to its destination and return trip.  Parking fees if requested by the customer.
  • Towing or other emergency roadside expenses resulting from mechanical failure


Cancellation Policy:

All rides cancelled within 12 hours of requested pick up time, with the exception of cancelled flights, are subject to a charge of $75.


All drivers are covered under company automobile policy for $500,000 Per Accident, $250,000 Per Person
$250,000 Property Damage, $75,000 Over the Road Property Damage